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THQ Nordic now apparently support Metro Exodus to Epic Store

Published: 23:59, 31 January 2019
Deep Silver
Metro Exodus

THQ Nordic initially released a statement where they distanced themselves from KochMedia Group's decision to migrate Metro Exodus to Epic Store, but now they released another statement where they fully support the latter company's decision.

THQ Nordic's stance is a bit confusing, but to clarify things - it was the subsidiary THQ Nordic GmbH who distanced themselves from Koch Media's decision, while it's the owner of both publishers, THQ Nordic AB, who are supporting Metro Exodus' split from Steam and integration Epic Store.

Now it should be clearer for anyone who was confused when THQ Nordic GmbH Koch Media is their "sister company" instead of "subsidiary". To avoid further confusion, Deep Silver is owned by Koch Media and it is these two companies who called the shots in the decisions to advertise Metro Exodus on Steam and alter migrate it to Epic Store.

THQ Nordic AB, the company at the top, recently released a statement where they fully supported decisions made by Koch Media. CEO of THQ Nordic AB, Lars Wingefors, said that he fully supports autonomous decisions made by THQ Nordic GmbH and Koch Media.

Furthermore, Wingefors said that he believes it's in the "group's and ultimately the consumer's best interest that business decisions are made close to the market and this is the group's consistent business model" which doesn't make much sense. There is a plethora of features Steam offers consumers that Epic Store doesn't, which is one of the leading reasons why Deep Silver and Koch Media are suffering backlash for the bait and switch.

4A Games picture showing wasteland Metro Exodus

Anyway, Wingefors also confirmed he is aware that consumers are confused by the two THQ Nordic entities and announced that the parent company will be changing its name at some point in the future in order to reflect its status.

Meanwhile, Metro Exodus is gearing up for 15 February 2019 release, with some new information slated to come just over a week earlier, on 05 February 2019 through the first episode of Inside Xbox this year.

Metro Exodus, screenshots fresh from 4A Games' oven

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