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This is The Police 2 trailer shows the department's darker side

Published: 17:49, 24 July 2018
Weappy Studio
Picture of an old man sitting in jail and pondering his life decisions
This is The Police 2

THQ Nordic and Weappy Studio have released a new trailer, just over a week before the game's release on 02 August 2018. This one is fairly different, as it no longer showcases Sharpwood's finest, but rather the ones that abuse their badge.

This is The Police 2 will not only have players managing their officers due to fatigue, wounds or other line of duty related problems, but will also have to deal with their humanity. No one is sinless, but some officers in the game appear to be more sinful than they should. 

The new trailer shows some of the officers players will have at their disposal will be actually corrupt, stealing jewellery from either a crime scene or straight up taking it from others. The origin of the items is unknown but a closer inspection of the picture at 0:50 time stamp tells a definitive story of a corrupt cop.

More officers can be seen in the trailer, some content with police brutality and others taking it further by torturing a man. The story keeps escalating and a squad of officers can be seen in a firefight with hunters, or possibly poachers, concluding with a squad burying a body. 

One might argue these stories don't offer enough info and jumping at conclusions might be an issue, but THQ Nordic and Weappy Studio have confirmed that the future sheriff of Sharpwood will have to deal with officers that keep stepping out of line.

According to their teaser, Sharpwood is a desolate place that breeds corruption and violence, which in turn enables local cults and gangs to gain more power. While the police's motto is still "To protect and serve", it is not clear who they are protecting.

Weappy Studio Picture of an older man smoking and drinking his depression away This is The Police 2

The game will apparently have another layer of depth with these unpredictable officers, as the sheriff will not know who to trust, as "some criminals also wear a badge". Judging by the info so far, officer lives will be precious, and considering only a portion of them are the good ones, this will put further pressure on the sheriff to make the right decisions.

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