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Battlefield V will have eight maps at launch, here is the list

Published: 23:04, 01 November 2018
Updated: 14:05, 02 November 2018
A Battlefield V tank plowing through snow with a soldier next to it
Battlefield V

Battlefield V will not have a battle royale mode at launch, and EA DICE have announced this rather clearly, but the fans have been waiting to see what other modes and maps will actually be there. Here is the list of the available maps.

At launch, Battlefield V will have one map less than Battlefield 1 did, but it remains to be seen how well received they will be. There is still a hefty bit of scenery to be seen, as the maps will cover regions from North Africa, Netherlands, Norway and France.

The footage of these maps can be seen on the embedded video above, along with a short explanation on each. For example, Hamada will be the largest Battlefield V map at launch and will take place in the sun-scorched North Africa. Aerodrome will take place nearby, on the eponymous airfield that was recently bombed by Allies. It appears the recent damage will be clearly visible, as plane and vehicle wrecks are still either on fire or smoking.

Twisted Steel is a map taking place in France and for the most part resembles what we have seen in the infamous announcement trailer where everyone wondered why the frontline featured female cripples and Brits with katanas. Some others wondered what place this could be, due to the massive collapsed bridge that apparently served no purpose, since most of the area can be driven through.

Arras will also be set in France and looks promising thanks to several mechanics incorporated - trench cover, open fields and destructible crow's nest vantage points. Urban combat enthusiasts will probably like Roterdam map. Devastation is set in the same city, but as the name implies, it will be set in the ruined parts of the city so expect literal tons of rubble.

EA Several soldiers in the heat of the battle in Battlefield V Battlefield V

Everyone should be familiar with Narvik at this point, as it was the first available map in the beta events and so far the most featured one. Fjel 652 will be set in harsh mountain environment and will feature dynamic weather. Panzerstorm is set to debut with Chapter 1 of Tides of War and is set in Belgian countryside. No waffles to be found here, and hopefully even fewer loot boxes.

Battlefield V, WWII shooter by DICE and Electronic Arts

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