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Third Apex Legends: Season 5 teaser has been found

Published: 19:32, 24 April 2020
Hammond Robotics drilling into World's Edge in Apex Legends.
Nothing says environmental safety like a giant laser.

Respawn's teasers have truly turned into a game within a game, as the community is having a blast looking for Apex Legends: Season 5 teasers. The third one is out and it's in the Harvester.

We confess to not even giving it a go, because we knew there's a lot of people on it already. We included a video by iLootGames, who's well known in the Apex Legends community, and the moment you're looking for is at 4:19. 

So, Apex Legends: Season 5's third teaser is at the west entrance to the Harvester. You'd be forgiven for missing it, as iLootGames did too, and we're not sure we'd have fared better. 

Just like in the earlier teasers, it's a keycard, which once again seems to be referring to a large facility, although this time it's specifically about the size. 

The keycard has three lines, in fact, which from top to bottom say "Jaime says 'capacitor'", "how big is this?" and "Cased the place. Dead End. Check west."

Apex Legends: Season 5's earlier teaser said something similar, although we're yet to find out what Respawn exactly mean by it. The teaser read, "Electrical device? Check with Jaime" and "More tunnels... Check west half of island." 

It's safe to assume that subsequent teasers, and there will be more for sure, will give us more insight into the backstory of Apex Legends' Season 5. 

In today's announcement of the Battle Armor event, Respawn revealed that Apex Legends: Season 5 launches on 12 May 2020. The aforementioned event will last until that time, with the sole exception of armour types. You can learn more about the Battle Armor event here , where you'll also find the schedule for different armours.

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