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The Secret World Legends is rereleasing today and it's free

Published: 17:56, 26 June 2017
The Secret World Legends

Funcom's MMORPG The Secret World is being rereleased today with the added title Legends, and is now attempting to make things work with a freemium kind of business model. A Steam launch is scheduled for the near future.

Funcom has been switching around The Secret World's business model around ever since the game launched back in 2012, and the shuffling around has now culminated with the game going free-to-play. You can go and download the game yourself , in if you can't wait for the Steam release.

The official Steam release is scheduled for 31 July 2017, but there is nothing stopping you from going in right now, if you want to have a bit of a head start when the free-to-play Steam hordes pour in.

Funcom The Secret World Legends The Secret World Legends

The Secret World takes place in a world where most of the things considered myth or urban legend are actually true in some way. A good place to dive into some conspiracy theories.

The games movement based combat has been reworked for the free-to-play release, and players who previously owned some version of the game or were subscribed to it will enjoy certain benefits within the rereleased version.

The Secret World is another one of those MMOs that try to double as a single player experience.

"It’s a captivating journey into the unknown with an adult setting and tone perfect for fans of deep, rewarding RPGs. And if you want, you can experience all of it with friends and strangers in this huge online world we’ve built. Or you can go at it alone – it’s completely up to you", reads the release blurp.



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