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The Medium's live action trailer is as creepy as it is beautiful

Published: 14:59, 14 January 2021
Bloober Team
The Medium trailer screenshot
Two worlds, one mystery

Bloober Team really went all out on The Medium's latest trailer and the live-action feature does some terrifying blending of reality and whatever you call the other side.

We must admit we're loving The Medium's take on the other side, which sticks to the game's established aesthetic to the letter.

"It all starts with a dead girl… Enter the disturbing and uncanny worlds of The Medium in the brand-new Live Action Trailer created in cooperation with Platige Image and Oscar nominee Tomasz Bagiński. Get a glimpse of the mystery only a medium can solve before The Medium launches January 28th, 2021", the description reads. 

Baginski deserves every bit of credit for the seamless blending of live-action and CG, as we truly got lost in which is which here. 

The Medium is one of those games whose launch has been pushed back due to Cyberpunk 2077, but on the upside - this allowed the team to add some extra sheen.

Thankfully, the end result looks well worth it, as Bloober Team recently released 15 minutes of The Medium's gameplay. You can check it out here , and it features Sadness, the creepy little masked girl from the trailer.

The Polish team are obviously big fans of clever camerawork, and we're not just talking about Baginski's trailer. Namely, The Medium's camera doesn't stay locked in a third-person perspective and it's actually reminiscent of some of the best titles the action-horror genre has ever produced. 

Nevertheless, The Medium brings a modern touch to a classic formula, with all sorts of graphics improvements. This includes Nvidia DLSS and Ray Tracing tech, which were confirmed and will make the game even more gorgeous. 

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