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The Medium's launch trailer is out of this world, literally

Published: 16:34, 29 January 2021
The Medium screenshot showing the niwa hotel
The Medium - The Niwa Hotel hides ominous secrets

Bloober Team have officially launched their latest creation, The Medium, and the launch trailer sets the stage for an unforgettable horror adventure.

The trailer is basically the introduction to The Medium's story, where protagonist Marianne gets a strange call from a man called Thomas. Although his timing couldn't have been worse, Thomas seems to know things he could not and should not know, piquing her curiosity and thus the tale begins. 

Having reviewed The Medium , we can say that with certainty as Team Bloober continue to up their game with each successive release.

You could say that Layers of Fear propelled them into the spotlight; The Observer solidified their name as a true storytelling heavyweight, and The Medium delivered a spectacular slam dunk over both.  

Bloober Team pushed their capabilities to the limit, and that includes everything - mechanics, narrative, design, graphics, you name it. In fact, the graphics is likely to stop you in your tracks more than once, and given the dev's mastery of atmosphere, this is not by accident. 

The Medium is the team's natural evolution in every respect, and we quite like that Bloober Team once again stepped ever so slightly out of their comfort zone. Thankfully, challenging themselves produced quite a few memorable moments, in addition to evoking some of the legendary classics of the genre. 

Bloober's timing was perfect too, and we're sure Microsoft would agree. The team refused to settle for anything less than the fastest hardware around, which played a huge role in bringing The Medium to life. 

Any hardware compromise would've probably ended with the removal of the dual-world rendering, and having finished the game, we can confirm it would've been a travesty. You'll know it when you see it. 

The Medium, psychological horror by Bloober Team

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
The Medium

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