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The Mandalorian MMO game is rumoured to be in development; could be Xbox exclusive

Published: 09:36, 27 April 2022
Mandalorian artwork and xbox logo
A Mandalorian game might be in the works at Xbox

Microsoft owned studio Zenimax Online are allegedly working on a Mandalorian MMO game, which may end up being Xbox and PC exclusive. 

The Mandalorian game was first mentioned by XboxEra's Nick Baker aka Shepshal Nick last year when the insider stated that someone is making a Mandalorian game but he could not say who.

We haven't got any additional leaks or rumours regarding such a title since then but today, YouTuber Skullzi has revealed new details about Bethesda's upcoming projects. Keep in mind that everything you're about to read is just a rumour, and not a strong one, so take everything with a dose of scepticism. 

Apparently, Zenimax Online, the studio behind The Elder Scrolls Online are working on a Mandalorian MMO game. Sadly, no other details were provided.  

So, is it possible that Zenimax Online have such a game in the works? It certainly is but given that we don't have any solid source on this, we wouldn't get too excited about this. 

Zenimax Online have confirmed that they are working on future projects which include a brand-new AAA IP . It's possible that the second project is The Mandalorian game but as we already mentioned, don't take this as a certainty. Zenimax Online have close to 500 developers according to their LinkedIn page so it's safe to say that they have the manpower to work on several projects at once.

ZeniMax Online ZeniMax Online Studios logo ZeniMax Online Studios

Even if Zenimax are working on a Mandalorian game, it will probably take a while before we get to play it given that there is no official confirmation that it's even in the works. 

If such a game indeed exists and is in active development, then we're already boarding the hype spaceship. Imagine a Mandalorian MMO where you get to play as a bounty hunter, travelling across the universe with your ship, tracking your targets, exploring the planets and more. Pretty cool, right? 

But, until we hear more, this is just speculation and nothing more. 

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