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The Long Dark is available now for the Nintendo Switch

Published: 13:15, 18 September 2020
Hinterland Studio
THE LONG DARK survival game, wildlife, axe, arrows, winter
The Long Dark Nintendo Switch release

The first-person survival sandbox game, The Long Dark, gets released on the Nintendo Switch console after a surprise announcement on the latest Nintendo Direct presentation.


So, after a welcome surprise at a Nintendo Direct, the great stylish sandbox survival game called The Long Dark, is NOW available to download on your Nintendo Switch console. It's attractively priced at only $31.49 ($34.99).

The game is developed and published by Hinterland Studio (Vancouver). It was first released on the Steam Early Access program in September 2014, following an official release in August 2017. The game was praised for its gameplay and atmosphere.


The goal in the game is to survive as long as possible by scavenging and utilizing whatever resources you can find within the dangerous world. 

This includes commodities such as food, water, firewood, medicine, and crafting tools such as weapons, axes, knives, and other items. 

Wildlife is also present, such as deer which can be hunted for food, and wolves and bears which are a constant threat to the player as they venture outside to gather resources and explore the world. 

Hinterland Studio Screenshot from the game The Long Dark showing snow covered woods and a deer, player is holding the rifle The Long Dark wildlife

All items and wildlife are randomly spawned every time you start a new game, so no session will be the same. 

Tools and items degrade over time, forcing the player to make careful decisions regarding their condition and their eventual need for repair. 

Fire, being a primary component, is necessary for warmth and cooking. The player has to gather wood and fuel on a regular basis to survive the cold nights. 

The Long Dark simulates a full day/night cycle which is a fundamental part of the game. 


Initially, the game did not feature varied experience modes, but due to player demand, Hinterland added three experience modes to accommodate a range of playstyles, and a fourth mode added later. 

  • The easiest mode, "Pilgrim", is for players looking for a more exploratory experience, 
  • "Voyageur" is a middle ground and the most well rounded with regard to exploration and survival, 
  • "Stalker" offers a more hardcore survival experience, and 
  • "Interloper" is for players looking for a punishing, difficult experience.
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