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Vigor is going free-to-play on Nintendo Switch

Published: 11:56, 03 September 2020
Bohemia Interactive
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Vigor is going free-to-play on Nintendo Switch September 23rd

Bohemia Interactive launched Vigor as a free-to-play game during Gamescom 2020 on Nintendo Switch, and it's coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Some will say that if the apocalypse happens in Norway, people will be super-nice and help each other survive. However, Bohemia Interactive has a completely different view of things. 

Vigor is going free-to-play on Nintendo Switch

Vigor is a free to play online survival-shooter, set in post-apocalyptic Norway. The goal is to stay alive and build a shelter that will protect the player against the harsh environment. Players called Outlanders have to seek resources and better equipment. From Season 3 the Outlanders can enjoy multiple different game modes - such as Shootout or Elimination. 

Earlier today we received an email from Bohemia Interactive with fresh info about Vigor, where they stated:

A lot of Outlanders have been asking about the date when Vigor will go free on Nintendo Switch. As a Bohemian, you know that we usually don’t share any dates, but this time we made an exception. Mark your calendars - the switch will happen on September 23rd (Vigor Wednesday as usual). 

Bohemia Interactive vigor ps4 ps5 dynamite gun ak47 soldier gas-mask camo war Vigor is battling its way to both PS4 and PS5

What about the PlayStation version? 

Here's where the news gets interesting. Vigors is coming to PlayStation 4 with the launch date set for November 25th. What makes us especially happy is that Vigor is coming out for PS5 during Holidays 2020, when Sony's next-gen console should be released (We hope to know the price by then). This means that the PS5 just got another f2p launch title, in addition to Astro’s Playroom, Fortnite, Destiny 2, and Warframe. For now, we have no information will there be any graphical enhancements compared to the PS4 version, but it is to be expected that some-kind of next-gen goodness is in the plan.

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