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The Last of Us Part 2 and TLOU: Remastered frame UK's top 10 chart

Published: 14:21, 29 June 2020
Naughty Dog
The Last of Us Part 2 characters riding horses
The Last of Us Part 2, Patrol mission

In spite of polarised public opinions, The Last of Us Part 2 has been doing great and is in its second week on top of UK's boxed sales chart, and it even dragged its predecessor in there.

There's no shortage of opinions on The Last of Us Part 2 and we won't be chiming in with ours - open up Twitter; do a few mouse wheel rolls and you're bound to run into one of those. 

Naughty Dog's long-awaited sequel to The Last of Us has made a great start to its career, overtaking Uncharted 4: A Thief's End as the fastest-selling PlayStation release in this generation. Thankfully, there are no disappointed parties here, as both titles were developed by Naughty Dog. 

As for The Last of Us Part 2's second-week performance, it hasn't been as glaring as the first week but this is to be expected. Granted, an 80 per cent drop is a bit steeper than we're used to seeing, but it's still not uncommon, especially for PlayStation exclusives whose fans are normally lining up on day one. 

Interestingly enough, The Last of Us Part 2 also boosted the sales of The Last of Us: Remastered, whose 82 per cent on-week sales increase earned it a place in the top 10. Considering that PlayStation users voted it the best PS game of the decade , it shouldn't be a surprise that people wanted to refresh their memory.

Naughty Dog The Last of Us 2 protagonist playing a guitar The Last of Us Part 2, key art

A for the rest of the chart, the only newcomer is SpongeBob SquarePants and it debuted in third place. Bravely Second: End Layer, however, is the surprise of the week and Square Enix's game got there thanks to some generous discounts. 

The rest of the physical sales top 10 is as follows:

  • The Last of Us Part 2
  • Bravely Second: End Layer
  • SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated
  • Ring Fit Adventure
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons
  • FIFA 20
  • Mario Kart 8: Deluxe
  • Grand Theft Auto 5
  • The Last of Us: Remastered
  • Minecraft

The Last Of Us Part 2

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The Last Of Us 2
The Last Of Us Part 2

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