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The Falconeer update will fix your ammo needs

Published: 13:08, 02 April 2021
Wired Productions
The Falconeer logo. Screenshot from the trailer.
The Falconeer

Tomas Sala offered a preview for an upcoming update in The Falconeer, which features several changes that should help players combat-ready.

Running out of ammo in Falconeer will definitely not be as much of a problem when the next update kicks in. There is currently no ETA on the patch release date but the main man himself, Tomas Sala, posted some of the highlights we can expect to see.

Regarding the ammo issues some players may have had, there will be plenty of opportunities to deal with them after the update. In normal and easy difficulties, all ammo will be refilled upon landing in any inhabited areas.

Hardcore mode will require you to land at your home in order to refill all ammo or if you just want to pyro pots back, you can land in any inhabited area.

One change that will probably cause many happy faces is that you will no longer lose bought ammo pots upon dying as only splinters will be removed.

PC players will also see several improvements with the mouse and keyboard layout, meaning the controls and combat should feel much better, especially coupled with the ammo changes.

Besides those, it appears that some eye candy was in the works. Storms will be improved and you will be able to spot them from further away. On the flipside, they will be more dangerous if you get caught.

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