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The Falconeer Beta announced, sign-ups via Discord are now live

Published: 14:49, 02 September 2020
Wired Productions
The Falconeer logo. Screenshot from the trailer.
The Falconeer

Wired Productions and Tomas Sala have announced that the sign-ups for their open-world game - The Falconeer - are now live. The fans can put their name down on the list via the game's Discord.

Fans of open-world titles with their focus on air combat and frenetic aerial dogfights will get a chance to join The Falconeer Beta and play the game one month before its official release.

Wired Productions and independent developer Tomas Sala have announced that their open-world exploration game, The Falconeer, has opened sign-ups for the beta process. The game's beta is set to take off in October, ahead of the game’s launch on PC and the Xbox family of devices in November.

Head to The Falconeer Discord channel to sign-up for the exclusive beta.

October will reveal the unknown as The Falconeer Beta sets out on the track of discovery for the growing Falconeer community, in an open-world environment which will serve as the backdrop for classic dogfighting mechanics and immersion.

The game is set in the mysterious world of The Great Ursee and features a world populated by fighting factions vying for dominance over sea, land and sky.

Check out some of the latest Falconeer gameplay in the Beta announcement video.

For more info on the PC Beta, and to register, head right on over here . The Falconeer can also be wishlisted on Steam right now.

The Falconeer is a day one Xbox Series X title that will also be available on Xbox One S, Xbox One X and PC.

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