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The Falconeer update improves gameplay and 120HZ V-Sync on Xbox Series X

Published: 10:26, 24 November 2020
Wired Productions
The Falconeer protagonist carrying a package
The Falconeer, it's tough being a bird of burden!

Ahoy riders of the falcon - Tomas Sala and Wired Productions have rolled out another The Falconeer update that contains a number of gameplay and technical tweaks for the Xbox version of the game.

The Falconeer's update is version and its first order of business is localisation, with fixes to Korean language spacing and further improvements to Russian. 

As for gameplay changes, The Falconeer's update is small but packed with meaningful changes, starting with the splash damage from own mines reduced to zero. This is the case in both easy and normal modes, so bombs away. 

Players' wingmen won't die in hardcore mode, and delivery items can no longer shatter on ships and enemies. Speaking of items, some cargo retrieval and/or salvage missions would have the items displayed as invisible or impossible to grab, which has been fixed. 

The Falconeer's photo mode should now be smoother, and the same goes for 120Hz V-Sync on Xbox Series X and S.

In the maw, stealth could fail too quickly, prompting the dev to add a 5-second buffer. Cawing has been reduced in jetstreams and while we're on the subject of high speeds - impact damage at full throttle has been reduced. 

Last but not least is the Fly Ahead, which is available in The Falconeer's side missions and working when homebound, as soon as the mission is over of course. 

Wired Productions The Falconeer's protagonist soaring upwards The Falconeer, onwards and upwards!


  • Clicking leave with mouse would cancel your mission, fixed
  • Sometimes switching to the map would fail, and you'd be left with a town description in view
  • If you got killed while the camera was zooming on a cap ship or location, you'd enter a zombie mode with detached camera, you now die properly
  • Player when on fire can again dive in water to douse flames
  • Delivery items could suddenly drop after launch
  • Delivery items could suddenly shatter when trying to pick up
  • Mouse would register wrong clicks in the pause menu

The Falconeer, an aerial combat RPG by Tomas Sala and Wired Productions

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
The Falconeer makes exploration (at least) as fun as combat!

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