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The Division 2 update removes the stuck in a World Tier glitch

Published: 10:50, 16 March 2019
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The Division 2

Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment have been working fairly quickly to deliver The Division 2 patches that fix bugs and bring the quality of life improvements. The latest patch removed the World Tier issue where some players would get stuck.

The Division 2 players have been reporting issues regarding moving up in World Tiers and looting the same source several times over lately and Massive Entertainment didn't hesitate to fix them as soon as possible. The latest patch that was deployed on 16 March 2019 fixed both of these issues.

For those unaware, World Tiers are basically the difficulty setting in The Division 2 and it becomes available when an agent reaches max level. To move up in World Tiers, they need to complete two missions and conquer an enemy stronghold, the latter of which has a required gear score.

Players have found ways to walk around the gear score requirement by grouping up with other agents whose gear is on par, or simply equipping the items with the highest score themselves. After getting into the mission, they could swap back to their lower score but more powerful sets. 

There was only one issue with these workarounds - players who did this would not get credit for completing said stronghold and would not be able to replay it, effectively getting stuck in a World Tier with no way to progress further. The addressed this issue and it should no longer prevent progression.

Another problem that was made obvious in several Reddit threads as well as by YouTubers, is that the same player could loot the same Supply Drop multiple times. This could lead to infinite loot, making this an exploit.

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Supply Drops should behave as intended after the update with no extra generosity. Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment have not banned anyone who used it before fixing the issue as far as we know, effectively putting BioWare and Anthem to shame once again for that fiasco regarding over running chests in that was possible due to an oversight by the development team.

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 to be released in spring of 2019

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Ubisoft have revealed The Division 2 gameplay along with the most important info which fans were hoping was and that is the release date for Tom Clancy's The Division 2. Ubisoft revealed that sequel is going to launch 15 March 2019.

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