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The Division 2 will introduce Specialisation Gear Sets soon

Published: 14:02, 29 April 2019
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The Division 2

The Division 2 will be receiving new Gear Sets in the future after True Patriot and company proved underwhelming, for the moment. These new sets will still follow the six-piece format but they will also require specific specialisations.

Gear sets that will be introduced in the future updates will still be usable regardless of which specialisation is currently used but the last two bonuses will require the corresponding spec. Furthermore, they do not offer any bonuses if you have a single piece equipped - two pieces is the minimum requirement.

The new sets will be named Aces and Eights which will be for Sharpshooter, Tip of the Spear for Survivalist and Negotiators Dilemma for the Demolitionist. 

Aces and Eights might be able to compete with Brand sets that are aimed at marksman rifle usage - most notably the Airaldi Holdings brand bonuses. The bonuses will be:

  • 2/6: +20.0% Weapon Handling
  • 3/6: +20.0% Accuracy
  • 4/6: +10.0% Marksman Rifle Damage
  • 5/6: Dead Man's Hand talent will be an RNG fest. Players will get to flip a card whenever they hit an enemy with their Marksman rifle. There are five in total and headshots flip two cards. In case you get a Full House, it will refill the weapon and stop ammo depletion for 10 seconds. Four of a Kind will grant 30 per cent bonus armour for 10 seconds while Aces and Eights will double the damage of the next five bullets.
  • 6/6: Sheriffs Favor will grant all the effects of Dead Man's Hand to the party of the agent who triggered the bonus.

Tip of the Spear doesn't seem as powerful though. It could serve as a decent skill-based support set that synergizes well with Spotter though.

  • 2/6: +20.0% Pulse Skill Power
  • 3/6: +20.0% Cooldown Reduction
  • 4/6: 20% protection from Elites
  • 5/6: Electromagnetic Trigger will make Crossbow bolts trigger a 9m pulse on impact, be it from terrain or an enemy.
  • 6/6: Aggressive Recon will cause the Survivalist's killing blows to emit a small pulse from the enemy corpse and grant party or raid members 20% extra damage to pulsed targets. Super convenient for disposing of clumped up enemies.

Ubisoft Picture of a juggernaut with M32 grenade launcher in The Division 2 The Division 2

Negotiator's Dilemma is the Demolitionists' set and it will require decent coordination since the team will need to spam their explosives on Demolitionist's command.

  • 2/6: 10,000 Armor On Kill
  • 3/6: +30.0% Health
  • 4/6: 30% Explosive Resistance
  • 5/6: Blowback will pair well with Berserk since it requires an enemy to shred the Demolitionist's armour entirely, which will then launch a grenade back at the shooter.
  • 6/6: Press Home the Advantage will be a team effort. Explosions caused by the Demolitionist will stack a Bombardier buff. Each stack of the buff grants party or raid members +10% explosives damage and the player with 10% bonus armour for 10s.

While the sets don't sound as enticing as the good old raw stat boosts from brand sets, they do seem to be leaning towards the creative side of player builds. 


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