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The Division 2 TU 9.1 has been postponed

Published: 09:26, 12 May 2020
The Division 2 manhunts
The Division 2 manhunts

Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment had to postpone the Title Update 9.1 for The Division 2 as more testing was deemed necessary. Thankfully, the rest of the changes will go through as planned.

The Division 2's TU 9.1 was originally slated for May 12, 2020, release but the developers announced they will not deploy the update on said date. They did not specifically reveal the new release date but it's possible the update will arrive on the next Tuesday.

Some of the highlights for this patch is the fix for frame rate drops in DZ, friendly Oxidizers damaging friendly abilities, recommended activity tab not closing and Frenzy staying active upon weapon swap. 

However, all the players know that the real highlight are the grenade accuracy changes for the NPCs. They will no longer qualify for Olympics with each grenade throw as accuracy will be reduced based on the distance from the player. Hyenas, Cleaner napalm turrets and BT mini tanks will have even less accuracy.

Elites have better accuracy than the rest, with Hunters and Rogues being even better at chucking the explosives but according to Massive, we should still feel the difference.

Different factions will also have different optimal ranges for their grenades. For example, the Outcasts have 20 metres optimal range while it goes up to 30 for Hyenas.

Division 2 - Reconfiguring Exotics

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Division 2 - Exotic weapons

It is business as usual for the rest of the game though. Global Event and League will conclude while the new manhunt will start. It will be Mercury and Jupiter this time around. Possibly the best news for the players is that there will be no maintenance on May 12 2020.


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