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The Division 2 Title Update 6.1 brings Snowball event and Hardcore mode

Published: 09:17, 06 December 2019
artwork showing gold tommy gun and santa hat from the division 2
The Division 2 Title Update 6.1 brings Snowball event

Ubisoft's looter shooter is getting a big update, which is bringing new holiday event named Situation: Snowball, new apparel event and permadeath mode.

The Division series may have swapped New York's snowy and festive streets for Washington's sunny and warm weather but this doesn't mean that The Division 2 players won't be able to enjoy the Holidays this year. Announced in the latest State of the Game, Title Update 6.1 is about to introduce a fresh batch of content, including a lot of winter-themed stuff.

Players will get to try out the new event named Situation: Snowball. During the event, Ambusher crews will have a random chance to appear wearing Santa hats. Once you kill the Hoarder NPC, he may drop The Sleigher, a weapon that shoots snowballs and confuses enemies when hit. You can see the hat and the gun in the image above.

There's also a new winter-themed apparel event named Silent Night and it includes 35 items. Those who log in between 10 December 2019 and 07 January 2020 will get one key for free while Year One pass owners get further three keys to help them unlock all the new items. Players will also be able to gift apparel items to their friends. Also, everyone who logs in during the event will get their own Santa hat.

Last but not least, The Division 2's Title Update 6.1 brings a brand new mode. Named Hardcore, it's a permadeath mode in the campaign which means once you die, you'll have to start all over again. Ubisoft recommend that you find a good crew and work together to have any chance to survive.

The mode is currently in beta phase so expect some minor hiccups here and there and aspects of it could change in future updates. Hardcore also comes with special vanity rewards, including a YOLO hat awarded for reaching level 2.

You can find more Title Update 6.1 details on .

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