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The Division 2 will have a panel at San Diego Comic Con 2018

Published: 12:37, 19 July 2018
An SHD agent is aiming her chem launcher at some people
The Division 2

Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment have announced that their The Division 2 panel at San Diego Comic Con will be there to explain more about the backstory as well as provide insight into the future storytelling branching out to other media.

San Diego Comic Con is underway and Ubisoft have jumped at the opportunity to promote their new and future ways of telling the story of The Division series. The panel itself will be called "Infectiously Expanding the Universe of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2" which is a mouthful, but pretty much means "The Division in more media".

Several members of the team behind The Division and The Division 2 will be present at the panel, including Julian Gerighty, John Bjorling, Alex Irvine and Dark Horse editor Ian Tucker. It will start at 18:00 PDT on 19 July or 03:00 CEST on 20 July 2018 for Europe. The host will be Andrea Rene who was arguably the only one who did her job right during EA's E3 conference.

Other than explaining which forms of entertainment media will provide The Division 2 story in the future, the panelists will delve into The Division's past and provide more stories surrounding the Dollar Flu outbreak. 

One of the new media sources for The Division will be a comic series by Dark Horse Comics. It will explore how the virus affected the world outside New York and Washington D.C. in the time period between the two games.

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 novel will, oddly enough, not have an SHD agent as a protagonist. It will follow April Kelleher, a determined survivor that can be briefly seen through ECHO technology in The Division. She came into contact with First Wave Division agents Doug Sutton and Aaron Keener, so the novel might offer more story about the latter's whereabouts.

Ubisoft SHD agents are walking around in overgrown Washington DC ruins The Division 2

The Division Lore Book will be the third lore source to be revealed, and will serve as both an actual lore book and a mini guide to The Division 2. The novel has an odd release date, set in March 2018, colliding with the actual game's release. The lore book will be released on 19 March 2018, which makes a bit of sense due to its guide nature.

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