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The Division 2 recalibration & skill power overhaul detailed

Published: 17:28, 22 January 2020
Massive Entertainment
The Division 2 - Skill tiers
The Division 2 - Skill tiers

The Division 2's long-awaited recalibration and skill power overhauls are nearing but Episode 3 needs to come out first. However, Massive Entertainment detailed the changes and showed some work in progress images of what we can expect.

Players looking to maximise their build potential will be relieved to hear the news about attribute extraction which is part of the new recalibration system in The Division 2. Instead of hoarding hundreds of weapons and armour pieces in the storage, they will now be able to extract an attribute they wanted to recalibrate onto a more useful piece, saving a ton of inventory space and easing the management in the process.

What is possibly the best bit of that news is that the extracted attributes will be unlocked just like weapon mods. In other words, once you extract that perfect Weapon Damage roll, you will be able to put it on gear indefinitely.

Those who were looking for the Skill Power update will find themselves similarly happy. The system will be changed quite a bit and one of the biggest alterations is that skill mods will no longer require Skill Power.

In fact, the attribute seems to have gotten the boot entirely and is replaced by Skill Tier. Each armour piece can have one skill tier as an attribute, meaning you will need six gear pieces with it in order to maximise your abilities' potential. However, this only affects the power of the skills and is not a requirement for anything except Overcharge.

Overcharge is a new mechanic that will make your skills go nuts with massively increased damage, healing, skill haste and other goodies. This effect can be triggered in a variety of ways but it is only temporary and should be used sparingly.

Massive Entertainment The Division 2 - One of the ways to Overcharge your abiltiies The Division 2 - One of the ways to Overcharge your abiltiies

Considering these changes will be quite massive for the gear already collected, one has to wonder if they will have to re-farm everything in order to get optimised builds. They just might but at least now they can store attributes and know how to get the best of them. Namely, the best rolls will have the highest chance of dropping on higher difficulty activities but are not excluded from the rest of the game.

You can get a max roll in a regular Propaganda Broadcast but you will have much better chances to win it Heroic missions.

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