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The Division 2 raid race spoiled by cheating

Published: 02:28, 02 July 2020
The Division 2 - Iron Horse race
The Division 2 - Iron Horse race

Iron Horse raid in The Division 2 has been beaten on all three platforms and it happened much faster than Dark Hours for console. Cheating testimonies spoiled the joy of it though.

According to Ubisoft, Operation Iron Horse, colloquially known as the second raid in The Division 2, is the hardest bit of content they ever introduced. Despite that, the raid has been beaten in around eight hours across all three platforms - PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Considering it took almost a week for the first console team to beat Dark Hours, the first raid in the game, something felt off and one of the content creators revealed what might be the cause for the quick raid run.

Namely, MarcoStyle revealed a classified document that he apparently had in possession for a prolonged period of time. The document is a PDF that explains the mechanics of Iron Horse raid , which could absolutely contribute to a faster first clear. You can now view the entire document on Imgur .

It is currently unknown how many people had access to this PDF but there is no denying that some players used it to gain an advantage in the race to the first place. In the end, Marco's team came in second.

Ubisoft are claiming there is no evidence that it was widely used. You can see that part in the video below at 26:45 time stamp.

Considering how rampant cheating was in the first Division game, with even leaderboards that testified to some players obtaining scores much higher than it would be normally possible, it's disappointing to see Ubisoft being unable to keep tabs on players who break the rules even in the sequel.

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