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The Division 2 Private Beta impressions - Performance on PC

Published: 10:53, 11 February 2019
Massive Entertainment
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The Division 2

The Division 2 Private Beta wasn't the shining example of stability and optimisation, as you might expect, but it wasn't all bad either. We tested the game with different GPUs and it can be played at high settings without a behemoth PC.

We tested The Division 2 beta on a PC with an i7 3770 / 16GB RAM and no SSD. The GPU was switched in the middle of the testing, providing us performance numbers for both GTX 1050 Ti and AMD RX 580, while playing at 1080p. As you might expect, the latter provided better performance but that is not to say the game is not beautiful on lower settings as well.

While playing with GTX 1050 Ti, we mostly went for Low settings preset and didn't fiddle too much with graphics settings individually, although Massive Entertainment have provided an in-depth system for making your own custom settings. The reason for going with Low settings preset is because we preferred to keep the game in steady 60 FPS and the system delivered.

When we switched to Medium preset, we still got 60 FPS but wide open areas would sometimes drop it down to 50-52 FPS range. While not optimal, it will certainly be preferred by players who hate pop up textures, which are inevitable at Low settings.

Switching to RX 580 noticeably improved the performance as we experienced clean 60 FPS in Medium settings. Going to High preset offered 60 FPS for the most part, with drops to 50-52 in wide open areas which initially led us to believe that it was the processor throttling the performance, as it is an almost seven-year-old CPU. 

Further testing with a more powerful machine, consisting of Ryzen 5 2600x CPU, GTX 1070 GPU and 16GB RAM offered a similar results. Playing on High settings at 1440p shelled out between 50 and 70 FPS, which was somewhat odd due to the listing the exact same GPU and slightly weaker CPU at those settings. Massive Entertainment will likely need to address this in the future, as this is not exactly a deal breaker but it can be annoying when the game suddenly starts feeling rough around the edges.

Massive Entertainment Picture of an agent shooting some Hyenas in The Division 2 The Division 2

What could be game breaking is the memory leak players detected during the closed beta and it happened to us too. After playing for an extended period of time, frame rate would drop to abysmal slideshow-like performance and would cause crashes in some cases.

Massive acknowledged this issue and asked players to restart the beta client every two to three hours of gameplay. Considering they are aware of the issue, it is expected to be fixed by the time The Division 2 launches on 15 March 2019.

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 to be released in spring of 2019

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Ubisoft have revealed The Division 2 gameplay along with the most important info which fans were hoping was and that is the release date for Tom Clancy's The Division 2. Ubisoft revealed that sequel is going to launch 15 March 2019.

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