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The Division 2 may lack several game modes from the original game

Published: 21:36, 18 June 2018
Two SHD agents are clearing Air Force One in The Division 2
The Division 2

The Division 2 is going to be much larger than the original game according to Julian Gerighty and Mathias Karlson. On the flip side, Ubisoft might not implement Underground, Resistance and Survival game modes at the sequel's launch.

Julian Gerighty and Mathias Karlson talked about the scope of The Division 2 in an interview with popular YouTube reviewer and critic Skill Up. Even though the game will be bigger than its predecessor, it may not have some of the most popular end game features we found in the original The Division.

For example, Julian Gerighty confirmed that some of the game modes, such as Underground, Resistance, Survival and even Last Stand will not be in The Division 2 at launch, although it is not excluded that they might add them as post launch content. Survival has the best odds of making it first into the game, as Julian Gerighty is particularly fond of this game mode.

Both developers explained that these game modes may not be there from the start due to sheer scale of The Division 2. It will have many novelties instead, presumably to prevent the game from feeling stale at the very beginning.

To that end, The Division 2 will have raids, which are described as the ultimate, hardcore game mode. According to Gerighty and Karlson, raids are not meant to be played with random players, since lack of coordination might render them impossible to complete. 

They have also confirmed that The Division 2 will have a bustling world, with dynamic events taking place all over. For instance, when agents capture a control point, civilians will start moving in and will likely fight with the enemy factions for it. Those who played Guild Wars 2 should be well acquainted with the system.

Ubisoft A field in a summer day is shown in The Division 2 concept art The Division 2

When prompted on why Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment decided to build a completely new game instead of a large scale expansion, Gerighty and Karlson stated that many things they implemented "under the hood" couldn't be executed in the original game.

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