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The Division 2 leaks the next three seasons of content

Published: 13:16, 26 May 2020
picture showing four characters with guns
The Division 2 trailer

Ubisoft leaks reached another level as elements future content were added to Public Test Server and then promptly data mined. Most of it is story content, meaning spoilers ahead, so read at your own discretion.

The Division 2 just wrapped up with Aaron Keener and now we already know what will happen in the next three seasons of the game, along with a new game mode that is coming along. Story spoilers will be throughout the entire article, with only the last paragraph noting the new game mode so if you only wish to see that, scroll to the bottom, below the image gallery.

A giant wall of text recently appeared on Reddit , after definitelyanalt16 data mined all of the info. We would classify the article as rumour under normal circumstances but Chris Gansler confirmed that the info is valid and not just wild imagination.

The data miner first revealed future manhunt targets, with the first in line being a rogue agent we fought in snowy New York. Back then, Hornet swiped Vitaly Tchernenko from under our noses but was killed in action shortly after, or so we thought. He is now back for round two in season two of Warlords of new York.

Following the end of the season, Bardon Schaefer, the head of Black Tusk will take centre stage. He will be the final takedown of the season but we will face Natalia Sokolova and a Hunter before that. It is implied that Hunters are somehow programmed and not entirely human anymore. Ironically enough, Schaefer will call players "bullet sponges" during the fight.

Season four will finally get Faye Lau to go face to face with us. However, before we get to fight her, she will kill president Ellis and blame it on The Division. However, her bad luck with helicopters continues as she can't escape due to one malfunctioning. That's where we square off with her.

Division 2 - Reconfiguring Exotics

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Division 2 - Exotic weapons

As for the new game mode, it is a PvE one that sounds fairly similar to the Underground from the original game. Instead of going to lower levels though, we will be clearing out a skyscraper. Some floors will be infested with enemies and some will be safe havens. There is a prolonged number of infested floors before reaching the top, meaning that a wipe will bring players a long way back.

Gansler stated the mode will not be a copy of Underground but understands why the fans see similarities. 

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