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The Division 2 is now crashing if you fight back against drones

Published: 20:12, 12 July 2021
The Division 2 screenshot showing a female agent
The Division 2

If you thought The Division 2 gameplay loop feels oppressive at times, wait until you see the drone that doesn't let you shoot back.

Many fans have criticised The Division and The Division 2 gameplay over the years and the main culprit was the gameplay loop where we, the agents, tend to fight random enemies that can soak up an armoury's worth of bullets while they can kill us in a single shot or a two-tap. While those compensations for lame AI were annoying, the latest bug with combat drones took things to another level.

Namely, the drones such as the XB-31 Marauder from the Pentagon mission have started crashing the games for the players who shoot them. This issue was apparently first reported on July 10, 2021, which was a Saturday and therefore an inconvenient day for the devs as a fix would mean working on the weekend. 

However, even though the bug persisted through Monday, it seems like the devs are on its tail and will probably eliminate the issue on July 13, 2021, when the next maintenance kicks in. Speaking of which, the maintenance will happen at 12:30 AM PDT / 8:30 BST / 9:30 CEST and is expected to go on for three hours.

Until then, you can just keep logging back in and if you're doing the missions solo, the checkpoint should put you right back into the action where you got kicked out, repeatedly.

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