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Rogue agents will have their own safehouses in The Division 2

Published: 18:18, 23 January 2019
Picture of some players doing PvP in The Division 2 Dark Zone
The Division 2

Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment are adding several new features to keep things fresh in The Division 2 and another one of them is the evolution of the Rogue mechanic. The goal is to have more diversity and less adversity to going rogue.

Going Rogue in The Division was always an odd bucket, and not necessarily profitable even if you manage to kill the regular agents and extract any stolen loot. Rogue status was usually instigated by players who simply wanted some unorganised, chaotic PvP, which resulted in people eventually barely ever going rogue.

The Division 2 is aiming to fix that, but while preserving some mechanics that are present in the original game. Players can now look for more opportunities to profit from other agents' work by simply stealing loot. This will mark them as rogue as well, but there are several levels to it.

Simply stealing stuff from dead bodies will net you more loot than if you secured it, but other players will be able to shoot you without going rogue themselves for a short period of time. If you proceed to kill regular agents afterwards, your rogue level will escalate and can eventually end up in a manhunt, where you will be marked for kill by any agents who want additional Dark Zone rewards.

Escaping manhunts can prove tricky in the original The Division as safehouse and checkpoint access is completely off the table, and the only way to escape is by reaching and interacting with a data station. The Division 2 will present three data stations, but players can opt to not end their manhunt status when reaching one, for greater rewards.

The Division wiki picture showing skull in circle The Division 2 Rogue

Now to dial things back a bit, if you choose to be a simple thieving rogue that doesn't kill others, but rather steals loot instead, you will be able to access a special kind of safehouse named Thieves Den. To find the location of a Thieves Den, you will need ot hack several SHD terminals, and most importantly - not kill other agents.

Killing an agent escalates your rogue level to a Disavowed Agent and your access to Thieves Den will be revoked. On the bright side for thieves, they will not be visible on minimaps so they can sneak around, stealing loot and visiting Thieves Dens from time to time.

Disavowed Rogues are occasionally pinged on other players' minimaps, while Manhunt Rogues are constantly visible. These layers should help players gauge just how much they want to risk for better rewards and they should make the new Dark Zones a whole lot more interesting.


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