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The Division 2 gets Warlords of New York animated trailer with baddies' backgrounds

Published: 18:25, 25 February 2020
The Division 2 - Warlords of New York animated trailer
The Division 2 - Warlords of New York animated trailer

Aaron Keener is finally back for a showdown with SHD agents and his posse was initially presented in Warlords of New York announcement. The Division 2's new animated trailer details their backstories a bit more and shows their motives.

Ubisoft are still hyping up The Division 2 community for the upcoming Warlords of New York expansion which will release on 3 March 2020. The latest wagon to be attached to the hype train is the animated trailer that shows Aaron Keener cooperating with his underlings - Vivian Conley, James Dragov, Javier Kajika and Theo Parnell.

It also reveals the motives for each of them to go up against Strategic Homeland Division (SHD). Keep in mind that while all of them are former First Wave agents, Dragov was also a cop who had a bit of a legend tied to him. Now, he is leading the Rikers, the former inmates that we clashed with in the original Division.

This irony didn't escape the fans and managed to confuse some but the trailer still didn't explain why this match made in hell happened but it's possibly trying to paint him as a bit of a Dominic Torretto-like figure with the whole family emphasis, which may also be why he doesn't like SHD, following the retreat from what we know as the Dark Zone in New York.

Theo Parnell is out to get justice for his father, who apparently died at the Division's hands, which is a goal that could many to sympathise with. 

Javier Kajika is all about vengeance though and it seems to be blind enough for him to follow Keener, due to the latter promising to deliver those responsible on a silver platter.

Vivian Conley seems to have simply liked the Cleaners' draconic measures better than the restrained one that Division would go with. Therefore, it is not really odd that she sees burning everything down as the only solution to the Dollar Flu.

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