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The Division 2 gets free weekend, Striker's Battlegear announced

Published: 23:54, 27 February 2020
The Division 2 - New Gear Sets
The Division 2 - New Gear Sets

Massive Entertainment had a rather eventful State of the Game recently when they revealed exciting info for The Division 2, including the free weekend event and the return of the fan favourite DPS gear set from the original game.

Purchasing The Division 2 at the time of writing this article would set one back just $3 / €3 / £2.5 but just in case a potential player was still on the fence on whether to buy it, the game will be free to play from 27 February through 2 March 2020. If you are looking to get into the free action, you might want to start downloading immediately because it will take a while.

Those who choose to play the game during this promotional period will be awarded a cosmetic mask but the developers didn't showcase it during the live stream.

On the other hand, Massive did show plenty of other worthwhile info, including the upcoming gear sets. The Division 2's seasons will kick in on 10 March 2020 and the reward track for the first one will award Striker's Battlegear that the players of the original The Division may be familiar with.

Two important quirks are tied to this set though:

  1. It will not be exclusive to the reward track and will drop everywhere in The Division 2
  2. Stats are not entirely the same as in the original game

First up, Striker's Battlegear will only require four gear pieces to trigger the full bonus of being able to double the damage output with enough firepower.

Secondly, the other stat bonuses are different from the original as having three or more pieces now offers a 15 per cent fire rate bonus. 

Tom Clancy's The Division 2 to be released in spring of 2019

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Ubisoft have revealed The Division 2 gameplay along with the most important info which fans were hoping was and that is the release date for Tom Clancy's The Division 2. Ubisoft revealed that sequel is going to launch 15 March 2019.

Striker's Battlegear is not the only set that will debut with Warlords of New York. System Corruption will be a PvP-oriented set and can only be earned in Dark Zone. You can check out The Division's subreddi t for more info on both sets and Massive's future plans for the game.

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