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The Division 2 beta has drawn in record number of players

Published: 15:59, 18 July 2018
Picture of an SHD agent hiding in cover with his crossbow
The Division 2

The Division garnered worldwide attention before release and it seems the sequel will follow suit. Ubisoft have reported that The Division 2 broke the record regarding the beta test applications, although the exact number was not revealed.

Ubisoft revealed the record breaking interest during a financial call where they also revealed South Park: The Stick of Truth for Nintendo Switch as well as Fractured But Whole DLC. Interestingly enough, the previous record holder for beta applications was The Division, due to its aforementioned fame before release.

Everyone who played it early on was left with a bitter taste in their mouth though and the game quickly lost a huge chunk of its playerbase. Therefore, it leaves room for doubt as it's now not clear whether the record breaking number of beta applications for The Division 2 was caused by hype or wary players who want a glimpse before committing their wallets again.

That said, many content creators as well as regular people who got their hands on the playable demo during E3 have confirmed that The Division 2 is definitely taking the right steps forward. For example, the map size is almost doubled and has completely new assets as opposed to certain other games' sequels that recycled assets from the first game. I'm not saying it's Destiny 2, but it's Destiny 2.

It also seems like Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment didn't only focus on making the game better than Destiny 2, but also improve upon the first Division. No medkits and the new armour system are a great example so you can forget about facetanking other players in PvP because you have enough heals to cure a dead man's erectile dysfunction.

Ubisoft An SHD agent is aiming her chem launcher at some people The Division 2

There is still more than half a year before the official launch so there will likely be several opportunities to jump into a beta even though the applications are coming out of the woodwork. It might also serve as a way for Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment to stress test the servers before launch day, in order to minimise the lag and disconnect woes of The Division 2's early days.

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