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The Division 2 best Gear Score items won't be Dark Zone exclusive

Published: 13:02, 19 April 2019
Picture several SHD agents entering a Dark Zone
The Division 2 - Dark Zone

Terry Spier, creative director at Red Storm Entertainment, recently said The Division 2 Dark Zone will be home to Gear Score 515 item drops which proved controversial among PvE players. Turns out, Dark Hours will offer the best Gear Score.

The Division 2's PvE community got riled up recently after Terry Spier stated that Dark Zone will award items with Gear Score (GS) up to 515 and no other place will offer anything over 500 GS. PvE community immediately started protesting due to the apparent discrimination but it turns out the controversy may have been started over nothing.

First and foremost, PvE players will have access to the highest Gear Score items through Dark Hours raid once it comes. This was by Ubisoft's community manager Amper, on The Division 2's official forums.

Furthermore, the feedback is being taken into consideration and the developers will roll out additional reward changes when they become necessary.

On a related note to the raid, Amper said that Dark Hours will offer access to the highest GS items in the game but did not specify whether it will remain 515 or if it will go up in the future. Some players are resistant of having to re-farm everything every month or two.

The second part is - Dark Zone does not necessarily mean PvP. Our own experience in The Division 2's Dark Zones got us to over 500 GS without fighting other players, barring two ganks that occurred in total, from a solo player's perspective. Getting grouped for DZ will further reduce chances of getting killed by rogue agents.

Ubisoft Picture of a Division agent looking for SHD caches The Division 2

Unfortunately for those who want to remain entirely in PvE, the first raid, Dark Hours, has been postponed and will not release on 25 April 2019 as originally planned. 

This content will drop at some point during May 2019 as the teams are currently focusing on game balance which, quite frankly, might refer to the rewards system as well, on top of the regular gun, talent and ability buffs and nerfs.


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