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The Crackpet Show announced for Steam and Switch

Published: 18:07, 27 November 2020
Vixa Games
The Crackpet Show logo key art
The Crackpet Show

Vixa Games' The Crackpet Show is a rogue-like top-down shooter that will be coming to Steam as well as Nintendo Switch in 2021. The release date for the game is set to "sooner than soon".

What happens when a bunch of cute and fluffy animals mutate and come up with the brilliant idea to host a gladiator-style TV Show, where they're fighting each other, getting likes and grand-prizes from their sponsors?

The answer is The Crackpet Show, a new game that grafted vehicular mayhem onto the mechanics of a bullet-hell shooter and never looked back.

The Crackpet Show is coming to Steam "sooner than soon" and now it has also been announced for Nintendo Switch. The game is currently in development with the release date planned for Q2 2021.

About the game

In the game, players take on the role of cartoon animal gladiators performing in a savage tournament. This post-apocalyptic TV show is extremely popular and transmitted all around what is left of the world. Every participant is treated as a hero just for their very presence in the show.

Your and your friends’ goal will be to defeat as many enemies as possible, stopping all that mayhem by conquering bosses. However, this task is almost unachievable for an ordinary rookie, so the competitors have to approach the challenge more than once, developing their skills and equipment in the meantime.


  • It’s all about The SHOW! Each game level is another episode.
  • Humans are gone but their weapons stuck around. Now the Crackpets exercise their 2nd amendment rights at the arena.
  • Happy Tree Friends vibes. Intentional as well as welcome.
  • Sponsors and likes matter - Sponsors will grant rewards and the likes can be exchanged for equipment, new weapons, and perks.
  • 4 person co-op - until your team is the one last standing. After that, it's every Crackpet for themself. 
  • The producers promise different biomes, various exhibits, and the right background for the overwhelming bloodshed.
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