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Apex Legends: Emergence update brings more lava and more loot

Published: 15:45, 26 July 2021
Apex legends Emergence update gameplay trailer
Apex legends Emergence update gameplay trailer

With the Emergence update coming next week, Respawn decided to share a gameplay trailer as well as some additional information about Apex Legends: Emergence.

Apex Legends: Emergence gameplay trailer

Apex Legends' YouTube channel just posted a fresh gameplay trailer for Apex Legends: Emergence.

Apex Legends: Emergence update release date

The upcoming update will be fully released on August 3, 2021.

Apex Legends: Emergence update details

With the Refinery now gone, it's time for a bigger and arguably better POI to take its place. The Climatizer has stepped up to the plate with promises of more space, additional teams and caches upon caches of loot.

The new map's interiors will offer up ample opportunity for some juicy close encounters. The exterior portions will be reserved for the good old-fashioned long-distance shenanigans. Bonus: the fast-moving gondolas for some additional action.

The gondolas will have a similar function to that offered by the trains. The moving carts will provide a confined but ultimately safe passageway for you and your squad.

The new Climatizer map will lack the updraft airlift mechanic, but compensate with some deadly lava. The new crack in the World's Edge will also introduce more meaningful decision-making while rotating in the north and create distinct combat chokes.

New rotation coming in from the west: there will be a new connecting rotation between Geyser and Overlook. It will branch off from the existing central point of the cave and head northward. 

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