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Team Liquid acquires Broxah, former Fnatic jungler

Published: 15:52, 19 November 2019
Michal Konkol
Broxah, during his time with Fnatic
Broxah, during his time with Fnatic

Fnatic and Team Liquid seem to have finalised the deal where Broxah will switch to North America. Meanwhile, black and orange are gearing up for the new season with Mithy as a coach and Selfmade as the new jungler.

Mads "Broxah" Brock-Pedersen has had a rather successful run with Fnatic since he joined the team from their academy. Besides winning several LEC split and playoff titles, Broxah appeared in World Championship finals with the team. The era is at an end though as the player signed with Team Liquid.

Considering his contract with Fnatic wasn't going to expire until 16 November 2019, it wasn't only Broxah's decision to turn to free agency or sign with another team, which happened to be the North American giant. The reasons why the transfer happened are currently not public but it's hard to imagine at least some of them weren't paid by Steve.

He will be joining Team Liquid as they attempt to come back stronger for international tournaments in Season 10. They won everything that was up for competition in North America during Season 9 but couldn't make it out of group stage at Worlds. On the other hand, they did manage to reach MSI 2019 finals where they were beaten by G2 Esports.

Xmithie from TL earlier while Fnatic are sticking to the recipe that proved successful in the past - recruiting fresh new talent. Following , they hired the former support as a new coach and it wasn't long before it was made known that Selfmade will be joining as a new jungler.

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Considering Selfmade is a younger player, we could be looking at a new star in the making. Fnatic are known for producing them, after all, with Caps, Broxah and Nemesis being some of the latest examples.

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