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TaleWorlds finally adds characters from 2020 competition to Bannerlord

Published: 07:35, 07 January 2022
TaleWorlds Entertainment
Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

It took TaleWorlds ten years to announce the development of Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord. Even now, the game has been in development for a long time, so a two-year wait for a reward is nothing new.

TaleWorlds know that multiplayer isn’t everyone’s cup of tea so they decided to host a Character Portrait competition that invited players to get their creative juices flowing in the game’s character creator, in 2020. Each day a new theme was announced, with entries being judged by a panel of game developers. Bilal33890946, Levente Horváth, Cem Temeltaş, and vickie21579  won an Intel Core i7 8700K CPU and were promised to see their creations added to the game in a future patch!

Admittedly, it did take some time for this to happen, but now with patch notes e1.7.0. TaleWorlds have added the Character Portrait Competition winner faces to the game. You can see them wandering the lands of Calradia under the names of Ghuzid - Battle Hardened, Satros - Philosopher, Minarvina - Sidekick, and Tyliana - Machiavellian.

TaleWorlds Interactive Bannerlord - New character faces Bannerlord - New character faces

These characters are not made into companions, unfortunately, but it is, nevertheless, nice to see them immortalized in the game and among the community, along with their designers.

Furthermore, it is a shame that such an in-depth character creator is used only to create your own character, when it can be a character designer, and Calradio could be filled with interesting characters such as this, and give the world some more life.

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