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Tactical shooter Squad is free to play for a limited time

Published: 13:19, 15 November 2019
Offworld Industries
Squad screenshot showing a tank a infantry
Squad is hardcore tactical shooter from Offworld Industries

Hardcore shooter Squad from the developer Offworld Industries is free to play on Steam until 18 November 2019. The game is also available at a discounted price during the free weekend.

The weekend is here and if you're looking for something to play during the next couple of days, the developer Offworld Industries and Steam got you covered with their latest promotion. Realistic, hardcore tactical shooter Squad is available for free right now on Valve's platform.

You try the game for the next three days. The promotion is ending on Monday, 18 November 2019. Unfortunately, you don't get to keep the game after the free weekend expires but you can get it at a 50 per cent discount. The game is currently available for 18,75€.

If you're unfamiliar with Squad, it's an early access title, released back in 2015. It's still work in progress but it features a lot of maps, weapons and other content. It emphasizes tactics, teamwork and communication for one of the most authentic representations of combat in modern first-person shooters.

Squad's matches are played on large scale maps and the game also features base building which allows you to fortify your positions and successfully defend against the enemy. A huge list of vehicles is also included - from tanks, transport vehicles and helicopters to bikes and small trucks.

Offworld Industries squad screenshot showing a black soldier with a sniper Squad

If the game looks interesting enough for you, we have a small heads up before you start. If you're a solo player that doesn't like voice chat, Squad could turn out to be a frustrating experience for all the reasons we've mentioned above.

Squad's overall score currently sits at 85 out of 100 on Steam and the game is available exclusively on PC.

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