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Nintendo Switch firmware update 5.0 has been released

Published: 11:55, 13 March 2018
Nintendo's Switch console with red Joy-Cons attached

Nintendo have released a firmware update for Nintendo Switch that brought new icons, social network updates, download optimization, improved parental control, system stability fixes and some minor improvements.

When it comes to new content on the mini console, the update brought the players 24 new Arms and Kirby icons, including Samus Aran in and out of her suit. When it comes to the new features, the digital content you purchase should start downloading sooner than it did previously, even if Nintendo Switch is in Sleep Mode. The update also brought news filters, allowing you to show only unread or news from specific channels you chose.

In case you have linked your Twitter or Facebook account with you Nintendo Account, the console will suggest adding your social network friends who have done the same. This feature is age restricted, requiring you to be over 13 years old.

Nintendo Nintendo Switch with one blue and one red joycon on a white background. Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app will now allow you to whitelist software in order to exclude them from Parental Controls Restricted Software setting. Play-Time Limit restrictions will still apply, even after you whitelist certain software. Also depending on how you set your Parental Controls up, captured videos in the Album can be restricted as well.

In order to prevent your kids from figuring out you Parental Controls PIN, Nintendo have added an optional new input method, allowing you to use control stick and buttons instead of the on-screen number pad.

Nintendo Parents gloating with joycons in their hands, as kids watch helplessly. Nintendo Switch - ''Hey Kids, you see these games? We're not gonna let you play them!''

Nintendo Switch will now also send you notifications when your pre-purchased software is ready to play. Switch Pro Controller grip colours will not display in the Controllers menu System Stability and an issue that caused Play Activity to display incorrectly in the Profile section has been resolved.

Nintendo are definitely staying on top of the game with their parental controls. We wouldn't want want 10 year old kids humiliating us by beating Dark Souls right off the bat, would we?

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