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Fortnite dance lawsuits dismissed by US Supreme Court

Published: 16:31, 09 March 2019
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US Supreme Court

Well there you have it - rapper 2 Milly, actor Alfonso Ribeiro, Backpack Kid, Orange Shirt Kid and whoever else who mistakes Epic's Fortnite for an opportunity to make some quick cash, will now have to submit proof of their copyright.

All the aforementioned are in it for their love of dance, of course, so the Supreme Court ruled that any lawsuits for copyright infringement will require plaintiffs to submit proof of completed copyright registration.

That's where things get a bit complicated for the sue-Fortnite bandwagon, as none of them have anything of the sort, albeit not for lack of trying. 

As it turns out, Ribeiro's request to copyright the Carlton Dance has recently been by the US Copyright Office. They found that "the combination of these three dance steps is a simple routine that is not registerable as a choreographic work".

Interestingly, being denied the request to copyright a dance should've spelt the end of Fortnite's Dirty Dancing, but the legal team behind it are actually not quitting.

Pierce Bainbridge Beck Price & Hect insist that the matter is purely procedural in nature, meaning they'll be back once the copyright application registrations have been completed.

At the moment, however, all four lawsuits have been dropped without prejudice, which means they can be filed again if the four somehow succeed in copyrighting movement.

Note that this does not include the case of the , although it's safe to assume that they'll share fates. 

What makes the Running Man case pretty special though is that the "authors" claim Epic violated their copyrights and want $20 million for a dance they didn't even make.

In fact, the two actually appeared with authors on The Ellen Show, where they gave a completely different account of who made the dance.

Epic Games Fortnite: Battle Royale, new item - Buried Treasure map Fortnite, Buried Treasure

Epic have really been doing well with Fortnite, which seems to be an invitation for lawsuits these days. While we're certain no ruling in the world is likely to stop this practice entirely, we hope it at least makes it more difficult.

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