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Superhot VR went double platinum and its devs remembered to tell us

Published: 16:29, 18 May 2020
Superhot Team
Superhot VR
Superhot VR

Superhot VR launched in 2016 and it took the title nearly two and a half years to get to one million copies sold. The "two million" mark has been crossed in less than half that time.

After hitting 1 million units of Superhot VR sold and then promptly forgetting to announce the happy news, the team behind the VR title made it a point to remember and share the next milestone with the world.

The day has now arrived and the Superhot Team have put together an announcement celebrating the double-platinum milestone. The team started their letter to the fans by remembering their beginnings "The path that brought us here began with a small game jam experiment nearly 7 years ago. It was long and winding. "

Since launching in 2016, Superhot VR has gone on to be one of the biggest VR titles available on the market.

The team goes on to mention "the fantastic and committed platform partners like Oculus, Valve, Sony, and HTC – and the market leaders, like our world-class friends from Beat Games, Owlchemy, Vertigo Games, or Polyarc".

Superhot VR's first platinum took nearly two and a half years. The second one was reached in less than half that time. 

"Due to the fact that we’ve sold over 2M copies of Superhot VR, we’ve come to the realisation that VR is actually very much alive, contrary to popular monthly articles," Said Callum Underwood, Director of Special Projects at Superhot Team.

"Superhot VR still sells incredibly well and we’re always thankful to our fans for supporting us along the way," said Alastair Hebson, Director of Other Special Projects at Superhot Team. "2020 is shaping up to be our best year yet, sales of Superhot VR are up at least 195% compared to this time last year, and we couldn’t be more proud."

The Superhot team also built IndieBI, a tool which allows developers to see all their sales from all platforms in one place and do all kinds of smart things with all that data. 

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