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Sony reduces PSVR price by 25% following in Oculus and HTC footsteps

Published: 19:04, 28 March 2018
A VR headset for Sony PlayStation 4. It's abbreviated as PSVR.

It appears that VR prices are dropping like flies, and in the latest VR slasher Sony have reduced the PSVR price from £349.99/$399 to £259.99/$299. This is the biggest reduction in the VR scene when comparing to the previous full price.

Oculus Rift the price reduction trend back in October 2017 when they first announced Oculus Go. This resulted in Oculus Rift HTC Vive on Steam for the first time. HTC responded in kind, by announcing and slashing the regular Vive's price. As the price gap decreased between these two headsets and PSVR, Sony were presented with just one course of action.

It came to pass today, as Sony announced the 25 per cent decrease in PSVR's price, which is not effective immediately, but still starting soon, on 29 March 2018 to be precise. This may also be another gear in the machine that is attempting to pull more people into the VR industry, as all three companies have reduced their headset by the same, fixed amount.

Sony Some guy has a PSVR headset on, which makes him look like a lightshow. PSVR

UK VR enthusiasts will now be able to snatch PSVR for £259.99, while the rest of the Europe will find its price to be €299. While USD does not have 1:1 exchange rate with EUR, the trend of poaching additional money from European players will carry over from the regular part of the gaming industry.

These prices refer to the PSVR Starter Pack which includes the headset, PS Camera, a download code for PlayStation VR Worlds and access to The Playroom VR. US Players will have more bundle options available, such as the DOOM VFR bundle that stands at the $299,99 and includes the DOOM VFR Blu-ray Disc on top of the regular starter package. If you can get your hands on this bundle, it's obviously preferable to buying the Starter Pack at the same price.

Sony PSVR DOOM bundle in its original package on a white background. PSVR DOOM bundle

Oculus Rift's and HTC Vive's price reductions had ulterior motives in the form of competition between the two headsets, as well as presenting a larger price gap between the standard VR headsets and their upcoming ones that have additional features.

he motive for PSVR's price reduction may not be as apparent, but it likely lies in the fact that PlayStation 4 is in its twilight years and PlayStation 5 should be announced soon. It is not yet known if there will be a new headset coming specifically for the next generation of PlayStation.

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