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Superhot VR released - Oculus exclusive

Published: 16:56, 06 December 2016
Superhot - December 6th

Superhot VR coming to Oculus Touch. Ports to other VR platforms on the way

is not really Superhot. The Superhot Team explained that just rehashing the old game, and sticking it into VR wouldn't be a nice thing to do, and besides that, it just plain wouldn't work from a design perspective. Superhot VR is an all new game, designed around the Oculus Touch VR system, with ports for other VR devices on the way.

"The VR as a platform is still relatively fresh and full of uncharted territories. To be honest we had tons of frustrating, puzzle solving fun just testing the possibilities and iterating. It’s a super new technology so there is a lot to tackle and learn. No matter what we tried to take from the original SUPERHOT, we invariably ended up with a decision to either compromise and make it play poorly or to push through, work harder and redesign things from scratch straight into VR. Basic stuff like player movement or item interaction in VR forced us to completely change our approach to level architecture and gameplay. We’re not too good at compromising so pretty much everything in SUPERHOT VR is new, built with only VR in mind. It’s pretty exciting!", the developers cheerfully elaborated oh their Steam page.

Superhot VR - Bullet Ballet Superhot VR - Bullet Ballet

Time moves when you move is bullet ballet in a way. It's hard to imagine a game more fitting for VR technology, in terms of its mechanics and the way they are intertwined with Superhots narrative. As such, Superhot VR is a highly fitting addition to the Oculus Touch 5 title Launch Bundle.

is available for $25, outside of the bundle, for all those of you already equipped with the necessary Oculus hardware.

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