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Super Mario Run fails to meet Nintendo's expectations

Published: 16:29, 24 March 2017
Updated: 10:22, 09 November 2018
Super Mario Run

Nintendo's expectations weren't met by Super Mario Run, but the company will stick to the pay-once model regardless. The risky monetisation method the company went for apparently didn't pan out quite as expected on both IOS and Android.

Despite being downloaded 78 million times in the first month and a half, Super Mario Run failed to meet Nintendo's expectations. The simple reason is - 4 million of those 78m actually paid the £7.99 required to keep the game running past the initial levels.

Seems like the pay-once model does not a happy mobile gamer make. The reason is obvious, if you consider the fact that the people playing the mobile games are used to a free-to-play model which features optional microtransactions.

Nintendo Super Mario Run Super Mario Run

Nevertheless, Nintendo is sticking to the one-off fee because they "honestly prefer the Super Mario Run model."

So, Super Mario Run will keep its price, which is now £9.99 due to store-wide changes Apple made.

Recent Android launch of the app should bump that 4m figure up a bit, considering it has now been opened to a whole new consumer base.

Super Mario Run Super Mario Run

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