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Super Mario Run coming to Android devices this month

Published: 13:40, 18 March 2017
Updated: 12:32, 18 September 2018
Super Mario Run

Mario is coming to Android next week with a host of features updated since the original IOS release. The first four stages will be available for free as a demo and pre-registration is now open for all interested Android device owners.

Super Mario Run is set to release on Android devices on 23 March 2017. Android users will be getting the 2.0 version of the game, with new characters and a chance to unlock stage 1-4 for free.

The iOS and Android versions will be virtually identical from a gameplay perspective and will be priced th same. This means that the £9.99 price tag carries over from one platform to the other.

Super Mario Run Super Mario Run

Pre-registrations on the have been open for a while now and you can still register for free.

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