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Nintendo want players to spend less money on their mobile games

Published: 13:45, 07 March 2019
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While companies are jumping neck first into mobile game development to maximise their revenue, Nintendo are doing quite the opposite. They are asking players not to spend too much on their games and partnered developers to ease up on IAP.

Nintendo asked players not to spend too much money on the likes of Dragalia Lost and Super Mario Run. They also asked any mobile developers who are partnered with the company to ease up on In-App Purchases (IAP). The official reason for this course of action is that the company wants to uphold the image of the friendly face of the gaming industry.

These odd reports of Nintendo actively working on reducing their IAP revenue come from Wall Street Journal, where the latter that the company is apparently ready to miss out on revenue if it means upholding the image. Nintendo did show teeth on occasion when their revenue was threatened though as a lawsuit barrage tore through websites hosting NES ROMs around the time of Nintendo Classic's release.

Back to the mobile IAP topic, CyberAgent, who are the co-developers of Dragalia Lost, testified to the claims of the intentional revenue drop. According to them, Nintendo are not interested in making large amounts of money from a single mobile game and that the revenue would be much higher if CyberAgent were the only one making decisions when it comes to regulating microtransactions that are tied to unlocking in-game characters.

As Gamasutra , Nintendo have stated that they hope mobile versions of some of their games will introduce new players to the franchises and drive them to their console counterparts. Such a course of action points to the intent of offering players a better service, which inevitably leads to higher revenue in itself.

Nintendo Screenshot from Super Mario Run Super Mario Run

Keep in mind that Nintendo is a company and as such, they are looking to make as much money as possible. That is not necessarily a bad thing as it now appears they are trying to moderate their growth in order not to end up like EA and Activision who gorged themselves upon a revenue model that offered massive revenue but was unsustainable in the long run.

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