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Super Mario Maker 2's latest update will give Mario a legendary make-over

Published: 10:23, 02 December 2019
Picture of Super Mario Maker 2 in action
Super Mario Maker 2

Super Mario Maker 2's new update will bring new enemies in the form of Spike and Pokey. The two will get a costume change in the snow theme. Link's Master Sword will grant Mario some new abilities and offer fresh ways of traversing the levels.

Super Mario Maker 2 will soon be getting a shiny new update. Nintendo of Europe the happy news and revealed the patch's release date along with some information about what the players will be getting.

Master Sword from Nintendo's Zelda franchise will give Mario a make-over and put him in Link's boots. Link's shield, bow and arrow will also make an appearance. This power-up will only be available in the Super Mario Bros. Game Style.

New enemies will be making an appearance as well. These include Spike and Pokey. Spike's, well spiky, iron balls will spell the end of Mario if the plumber gets hit, but they can be used to interact with the environment. This will prove handy as the balls can be employed to interact with in-game blocks, granting Mario some sweet power-ups or breaking them to make new ledges. The spike balls can also be used as platforms and weights.

Pokey, the cactus with what looks like the head of a cat or a cat-cus if you will, shares the prickly nature of its animal counterpart. This foe can easily be dispatched using Mario's fireballs or Yoshi. The snow theme will affect both new enemies.

The new Frozen coin can be acquired by applying some heat to it. The Angry Sun, the burner and the fire bar will do just fine. The PBlocks can be used to grant some imaginative protection or provide a platform, but only if you touch a PSwitch.

The Super Mario 3D game style will soon boast DashBlocks. We think this is quite self-explanatory. 

Nintendo Super Mario Maker 2 - Master Sword Super Mario Maker 2 - Master Sword

Super Mario Maker 2's new game mode is called Ninji Speedruns. Access to these Nintendo-created courses will require a Nintendo Switch Online membership.

The new course paths, game mode and all the goodies in between will go live on 5 December.

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