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Bayonetta voice actress may not be returning to the franchise

Published: 08:05, 13 September 2021
Bayonetta 3 - 2017 teaser trailer
Bayonetta 3 - 2017 teaser trailer

Bayonetta 3 is currently in development at Platinum Games. Hellena Taylor, the English voice artist for Bayonetta since the first game shared on Twitter that she may not return to the role.

Bayonetta 3 was announced for Switch back in 2017 but it looks like the fans won't get to see fresh footage or a release window this year. This would completely be well and good, after all, Bayonetta fans are a patient bunch, if Hellena Taylor, a British actress and the English voice artist for Bayonetta in all of her appearances didn't tweet out a response to a fan praising her work.

September 12, 2021, Hellena tweeted that the best thing about voicing Bayonetta are the fans. This prompted a Twitter user Yousif to respond with "You’re an icon Hellena I can’t imagine Bayonetta without your amazing voice". 

Hellena replied to Yousif writing: "Well you might have to."

Taylor couldn't share any more details as she is bound by a confidentiality clause in her contract with Nintendo. 

Both the interview with Hideki Kamiya and Hellena's recent cryptic tweets may be a tactic to drive hype in anticipation of Nintendo's official announcement. Either way, we're sure we won't be seeing an unplanned statement from Nintendo until they are ready to comment.

One thing's for sure, however, if Hellena doesn't reprise her iconic role Nintendo might just have a riot on their hands.

Bayonetta 3 official teaser trailer from 2017

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