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Super Fight is a $200 single level game on Steam

Published: 20:34, 29 March 2020
Super Fight
Super Fight

Steam gets oddball games on a regular basis, some due to weird thematics, others because they are outright asset flips. Some, however, are just overpriced single level exercises in animation, like Super Fight which costs a staggering $199.

Super Fight is a beat 'em up game that consists of a grand total of one level. To make matters worse, the level itself is not a long one as it takes roughly one minute to beat up all the spiked mohawk guys and get to the destination. Upon getting there, the game simply states that the level is complete and to press a button to restart.

The button does exactly what it says. Once the level is restarted, the player has the privilege to beat up all the identical guys again. There are two generic fighters that the players can pick from so at least it's not the same thing all over again. Except that it is since they have the same move sets.

As a cherry on top, Super Fight will set players back $199.99 / €169.99 . What the intention behind such a game and pricing was, remains unclear but it is certainly odd to see it being sold on Steam.

There were four user reviews at the time of writing, all negative of course, meaning four people dared to pledge their money to a great unknown that had red flags all over it. Still, all the accounts have less than an hour of playtime so it might be safe to assume they all refunded the purchase.

LGe Super Fight Super Fight

Considering how much it had to offer relative to the price, nothing of value was lost for the four reviewers.

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