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Insomniac's Sunset Overdrive gets a surprise PC release

Published: 18:20, 16 November 2018
picture showing a charachter from sunset overdrive
Sunset Overdrive

After many rumours and leaks in the past few weeks, Sunset Overdrive is finally coming to PC and it's out today - 16 November 2018. The game will be available through Steam and Microsoft's store as has been confirmed in the launch trailer.

Insomniac Games have revealed a new trailer in which they confirm the PC release of their colourful third-person shooter Sunset Overdrive. The PC version of the game has been subject of many speculations but the developer have put the rumours to bed with a 16 November 2018 release date. Sunset Overdrive will be available to download on Steam and the Microsoft Store.

The trailer is basically the same as Xbox One's launch trailer with a Windows logo at the end. It shows all the potential carnage and fun PC players will get to experience in Sunset City. Insomniac Games are yet to reveal the official system requirements for the game. Hopefully, they did a good job with the port and we assume that the 2014 game shouldn't be overly demanding.

We're also short on content information, as listings for the game aren't live just yet, but we expect the full package with all DLCs included. 

The PC release of Sunset Overdrive was probably one of the worst kept secrets ever, as we had ample evidence in the past few weeks indicating the Xbox One exclusive is about to become available to a wider range of players. A couple of days ago Amazon listings popped up revealing the news that got confirmed today, following an earlier rating for PC found in the ESBR database as well as a listing in Steam's database.

Microsoft picture showing charachter in Sunset Overdrive causing explosions Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive was originally released back in 2014, exclusively for Xbox One. At the time, Insomniac said they have no plans to make a PC version, but two years ago the developer said any decision regarding the PC port is totally up to Microsoft.

The developer also revealed that a Sunset Overdrive sequel is something they would love to do. Given that they just recently released Marvel's Spiderman, which will be followed by post-launch content, it will take some time before we get any news about Sunset Overdrive 2.

A colorful third-person shooter Sunset Overdrive by Insomniac

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Sunset Overdrive

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