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Xbox's Aaron Greenberg responds to Perfect Dark and Fable reboot rumours

Published: 07:36, 29 June 2020
Fable Artwork showing a tree and main character
Fable Artwork by Vaigintas Pakenis

Recent Twitter accounts of Perfect Dark and Fable reboots have fueled the speculation about a big comeback from Xbox's two franchises but you should not get your hopes up just yet, according to Aaron Greenberg.

Xbox's upcoming July event is set to be a night jam-packed with "mic-drops" according to some insiders, with big reveals and surprises. Two games that Microsoft plan to announce during the event are Perfect Dark and Fable reboots, if the rumours are true. 

Just recently, Twitter handles for these two titles appeared online , fueling the speculation about the return of Fable and Perfect Dark. However, General Manager at Xbox Games Marketing Aaron Greenberg said that we should not get our hopes up just yet since the accounts have been inactive for years and it is a standard practice to secure handles for their franchises.

"I know everyone is hungry for news, but sorry to get your hopes up. These accounts have been inactive for years, it's standard practice to secure social handles for our IP," Greenberg wrote in a tweet.

Matthew Hart Artstation Perfect Dark concept showing a female character Perfect Dark concept by Matthew Hart

Now, Greenberg did not say that Fable and Perfect Dark reboots do not exist so there's still a slim chance that the rumours are true. Luckily, July is just around the corner so we won't have to wait for too long to see whether Microsoft decided to return to these franchise. 

Microsoft are yet to officially confirm the date for the upcoming event but it should take place sometime in the second part of the month.

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