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Sunqua Peak fractal is now live in Guild Wars 2

Published: 16:00, 15 September 2020
Updated: 19:50, 15 September 2020
Guild Wars 2 - Sunqua Peak
Guild Wars 2 - Sunqua Peak

ArenaNet updated Guild Wars 2 and released the hotly anticipated new Fractal, Sunqua Peak, along with several cosmetic additions and Gem Store discounts.

Sunqua Peak is the first bit of Canthan content in Guild Wars 2, although as the developers put it - this is just a taste and the vast majority of the content from that particular part of Tyria is still left unspoiled.

Regarding the fractal ecosystem, Sunqua Peak is the new level 100 fractal while other occupants have been shuffled a bit. Shattered Observatory is now at 99 while Nightmare Fractal is level 98. Chaos Fractal has been removed altogether.

There is also the Abyssal Fractal weapon set that can be obtained with the new release. While technically not new, the recoloured version of the Fractal weapons might fit some tastes better with its darker and pinkish colours.

Those looking to change their entire look can try to obtain the Abyssal Infusion which may hint to what the future content might hold. Shadowy Abyssals could be seen in Fissure of Woe in the original Guild Wars and with Balthazar, the ruler of that domain, now dead, it could be possible some of the inhabitants are spilling out into Tyria. It's not like this hasn't happened before .

A new cape also made its way to live servers along with several pirate-themed discounts :

  • Pirate Outfit - 30% off
  • Magnus' Eye Patch - 40% off
  • Pirate Hook Skin - 40% off
  • Peg-Leg Boots Skin - 40% off
  • Pirate Corsair Hat - 40% off
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