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Subnautica: Below Zero, Arctic Living update adds Jukebox, rooms

Published: 20:07, 17 July 2019
Unknown Worlds Entertainment
Subnautica: Below Zero - Arctic Living

Unknown Worlds Entertainment rolled out an update for their delicious survival Subnautica: Below Zero, and there's plenty to satisfy your underwater urges - new multi-purpose Large Room, Control Room, Jukebox, Flashlight Helmet and more.

For those who were left wanting for some bigger underwater real estate, the Arctic Living update will be a godsend as it brings the Large Room, which you can see on the image above.

Should you feel it's too much, you can partition the rooms into smaller sections, and the dev will soon have exterior customisation for them too. 

"Who says you can’t mix work and play? Transform your base from zero to party with a new Jukebox and Speakers (sold separately)", Unknown Worlds wrote. You can listen to five new tracks, one official and four coming from the community. 

Subnautica: Below Zero's update will let you carry one with you in the Sleeper module, and there's even mention of "other musical goodies" we may found around the world. 

Arctic Living brings the new Control Room from Altera Corporation, coupled with a holographic display that monitors all the rooms in your base. 

Flashlight Helmets will let you swim hands-free, which should improve your speed, and if you're still not fast enough - there's the Booster Tank, which you can see in action around 0:32.

There are new places to explore too, as Unknown Worlds added another location close to Thermal Spires, the biome introduced in the first Below Zero major update.

"After many executive meetings Alterra Corporation has decided to bring the PRAWN suit back to the planet of 4546B. Explore the Active Mining Site near Thermal Spires to pick up the blueprint for these babies."

Unknown Worlds Entertainment Subnautica: Below Zero - Arctic Living
Subnautica: Below Zero - Arctic Living

Last but not least is the ultimate cosmetic item, at least if you like a more, ahem, open design, and we do. Subnautica: Below Zero's new Glass Domes are sure to look good on everything, but it's no accident the dev showed off Large Rooms and Alien Containments.

Unknown Worlds Entertainment Subnautica: Below Zero - Arctic Living
Subnautica: Below Zero - Arctic Living

You can find Arctic Living patch notes on Subnautica: Below Zero .

Subnautica: Below Zero - Arctic Living update by Unknown Worlds

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Subnautica: Below Zero - Arctic Living

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